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Dr. Arnold presented​​

testimony to the Georgia Senate Committee, Senator Ligon and several leading education policymakers.

​Dr. Arnold met with Governor  Nathan Deal to offer insight into why Georgia should opt out of Nationalized standardized curriculums and testing.

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​From the Atlanta Journal Constitution

by: Maureen Downey

January 19, 2011

Effective, fair discipline requires common sense and mutual respect among teachers, administrators and students, says Dr. Jim Arnold, Superintendent of Pelham City Schools. Until June 30, Arnold was principal of Shaw High School in Columbus and President of the Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals.  “Our school administrators understand that a kid that works at Publix and forgets to take his box-cutter out of his pocket is not same as another who threatens somebody with a knife,” Arnold says.

From the AP article in JJIR

by: Gayle WhiteJul 6, 2010

Dr. Arnold states, "It has become fashionable in this decade to blame teachers for many of the shortcomings that are in truth societal problems.  The Georgia Legislature, following the governor’s lead, has developed an anti-public education agenda that has succeeded in directing over $3 billion dollars away from educating the 94% of students in public schools and toward other areas funded by the state.  They are sacrificing the needs of the many for the benefit of a privileged few."



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"Citizen by citizen"

Dr. Arnold with Peter Smagorinsky.

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